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5 Inch 800×480 Touch LCD Screen 5 Display



Product features (compatible with B, B +, B, and A + 2)

800 x 480 hd resolution, support touch control

Used to display only, do not take up any I/O resources (use a touch function, take up the I/O)

Support the backlight control, saves the electricity

Zedoary craft, finely crafted

I am a 5-inch HDMI display for the Raspberry Pi, 800×480 HD resolution with a resistive touch screen.

It is designed for the Raspberry Pi, but it is not limited to the Raspberry Pi. (Just add the Raspberry Pi slot to install the Raspberry Pi and let the Raspberry Pi use the touch screen function)

It can be said that I am a general-purpose HDMI display, you can use me anywhere else, such as Cubieboard, Marsboard, etc. (In this case, the touch screen function cannot be used directly)

Ok, if you need an HDMI display and are eager to change the world, no one can stop you.

[My characteristics]

800×480 HD resolution, support for touch control

Compatible and can be directly plugged into any version of Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi 1st Generation B requires an additional HDMI cable)

Provide drivers (can be used directly for custom Raspbian systems)

Universal HDMI display, not limited to Raspberry Pi (with resolution requirements)

For display purposes only, does not occupy any I/O resources (use touch function, occupy I/O)

Support backlight control, more power saving

Shen Jin craft, finely crafted

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 100 × 200 × 100 cm

5 inch 800×480 Touch


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